About NU2U

What is The NU2U Cooking System?

The NU2U cooking system has been designed specifically for expanding the cooking utility of your modular oven system. It provides a clever solution to turning pizzas in a confined space as well as a safer solution to expanding your cooking experience when using heavy cast iron pans and skillets.

Does the NU2U Cooking System attachment get hot?

Yes! The attachment will get hot especially at the point of contact with the oven. Cooling slots have been laser cut into each component to assist in air flow and cooling but the user must take car and never attempt to remove the attachment while in use. It is recommended that the attachment is installed only when the oven is cold and remove once it is deemed but a thermometer or heat gun safe to touch.

What is a “NU2U” turning Disc?

The NU2U 304 food grade stainless steel turning disc is comprised of 100% semi perforated with a threaded and removable aluminum pin. The disc pin simply drops into place on the oven attachment when you are ready to start and spins freely as needed. Using a pizza spatula, peel or other Utensils, simply pull the pizza out of the oven and spin the pizza as needed on the freely tuning disc to achieve perfect even crust cooking results. The NU2U turning disc and Pin also work in conjunction with the NU2U Cooking Serving Attachments providing the user with additional capability to keep food warm and create a serving station at the oven location.

Does the NU2U disc get hot?

Yes the disc will get hot especially on the side that faces the oven opening. We recommend installing the disc just prior to baking pizza. We also recommend that the disc be rotated with the supplied pizza turning tool to avoid the risks of harm.

How does the NU2U System attach?

Our team of designers studied the construction of modular ovens and found key areas that allowed for safe and secure attachment of the NU2U Cooking System without any modification or alteration of to the ovens themselves.

Do I need tools to install the NU2U Attachments?

No! No tools are required to install the NU2U Cooking system to your oven. Our attachments will simply hook or clip onto the existing oven doors securely by hand.

What is a gusset?

Well known to structural engineers, a gusset is simply an angular support of steel that provides added strength and rigidity to an object, in this case the NU2U Attachment. The gusset helps lock and hold the NU2U Cooking System in place and allow the system to achieve superior weight load capacities. These added weight load capacities where critical to the NU2U designers as the use of heavy cast iron skillets and other ovenware utensils can be used in popular modular ovens.

Why is a gusseted system better?

The gusseted NU2U Cooking System when properly installed and tested for fit will carry a lot of weight. Our 10 Pound test was the criteria for determining the gauge of stainless steel used for the gusset fabrication. Chefs of all varying levels of experience can now rely on the NU2U Cooking System to safely handle sliding in and out skillets, pans, cast iron utensils that can become very hot and difficult to handle while cooking. Further, the Nu2U Cooking system now allows the user a safe platform for turning and rotating cooked foods and checking for readiness without having to hold these heavy utensils by hand.

What is a “Skid plate”?

The optional skid plate is an ingenious way of protecting your investment by absorbing the heavy wear and tears of heavy cast iron skillets and pans. The skid plate adapter locks into place by way of the gusset tab holding firm while you cook.

What is the NU2U Serving System?

The Nu2U serving system expand the utility of your oven by providing convenient additional cooking storage and serving options. Ordure’s can be heated in the oven and safely placed on the serving shelfs ready for guests or simply keep your cool beverage close by while you cook, the uses are endless.

How are Nu2U products made?

All NU2U Products are 100% food grade 304 Stainless steel. All components are laser cut using the latest technology and had finished and inspected before and during all stages of fabrication and packaging.

Where are NU2U products made?

All Nu2U Products are proudly made in Canada.